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Growing up a Girl Scout (yeah, I was!), serving the community became an authentic interest of mine of all time, and I enjoy meeting cool people through volunteering experiences.  I also enjoy music while I have zero talent in playing music, and ended up living in the area my favorite genres of music were born. 

Below is a few to note. Will be updated accordingly when I come up with more to share! 


School Representation

Had a chance to be on the cover of my business school 2020 website as a nontraditional student to represent our diverse culture.  I am not photogenic (you'd be about to witness. lol) but I am blessed to be able to contribute to my community as many ways as possible.

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Accommodation Host

Welcomed approx. 300 guests from more than 30 countries in my apartment in the last 4 years.  Living with people from different backgrounds is quite challenging at times, but I manage with my psychological theory and empirical analysis (and yes, the sticky notes everywhere in my apartment is a part of my solutions! ;)).  Great reviews - witness here.



My genuine love for music has emerged with 80's pops, then transferred towards Hip Hop and R&B during 90s.  I've also served as a bartender for nights and weekends over a decade at Soul and R&B music bar, and this has made me confident with my knowledge in the area.  I also listen to almost anything and create playlists based on my favorites, and on periodic trends beyond genre.  If you're in search of some dope playlists, visit here.



While I acknowledge my introvert self, I am occasionally a moderate extrovert with a mission.  I love spending my free time volunteering at various sites namely; Prospect Park, McCarren Park, Bowery Mission and other anonymous shelters; events at Advertising Week New York, New Year Fireworks/Polar Bear Plunge at Coney Island, Japan Fair at Time's Square/West Village/Governor's Island, AND MORE (holla if you see me around)!  I'm not rich, but knowing that my dedication can still help others creates precious moments for me, and volunteering will certain be a thing I would continue to do even when I become financially independent.

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