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Building Muscle Memory (R)

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

This has been what I do recently... R.... R....... R..... Literally all day every day. Despite my slowness in progress, I'm pretty into it to be honest. I first thought it would help me construct a framework of my capstone project while developing coding skills, but I am more attracted to watching how other people do with R programming such as on Shiny - Gallery (, and to creating small visualizations as I get inspired. My skills are not as sharp as I want it to become -- yet, but I know I'm improving with writing R. Every day I learn something new, quite a lot, half of them does not retain, so I repeat writing same codes plus more, day by day. That's what I do. For me, this process (in any learning) used to be quite tormenting, but now I'm really enjoying it.

Today, I created an account on RPubs and I will be posting my "interactive" visualizations on here, big or small, means some elements are clickable to further explore. Those visualizations might appear too boring at first if you are not me, but I am expecting to create things that fascinate more people soon, so stick around!

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