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Business Approach in Tech Field ~ Learning Machine Project (77)

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

This is my second course I completed today and during this course I thought about this a lot...

Today was the first day of the semester. One of the courses I'm enrolled in is from a Data Science program in another CUNY school (though my interest is in Data Analysis), where everyone seems to have experience in the field already and way more advanced skills than I do, so all I would expect is to be a student that's easier to count from the bottom and learn from what other students do. I got connected with one of the classmates today on LinkedIn, whose profile displays her awesome technical skills AND a Ph.D. I told her honestly, "you seem to have excellent skills, let me learn from you during the semester."

Her response was unexpected - "You have business skills that I don't have. It would be great to learn from you too."


Since I am working to shift my career into data analysis which is rather a new area to me as a person from the finance field, most of the things I learn in my current program is new to me and I started considering myself a rookie in anything that I do. Yes, I do flex my hard-earned MBA degree whenever I get a chance, but deep inside, while I have been working to build my educational career, I haven't been in the direct business scene for a while, and I have started feeling like I'm a 20-year-old new grad without any practical experience. Seriously.

After that message from her, I took this quick data science introductory course (LinkedIn changed the skill track structure again and this was in my list today). Turned out, the course was very engaging, the instructor speaks from his experience and demonstrated how to tackle the difficult situations between the business and the data teams. He elaborated how it is important to be extremely prepared to discuss problems and be a bilingual of technical language and that of business.

All of a sudden, I realized that just because I am less-experienced in coding and building predictive models, doesn't mean that I am a less-qualified person in business. I got what I got that I can contribute to the scene that's given to me using my tactics and analytical approaches because data is about implementing the business organization in the first place.

So thanks to my new connection and the course for the determination. First day of the semester, so far so good.🤗

Description: Most data science training focuses only on key technologies. But real-world data science jobs require more than just technical acumen. When new data scientists change their focus from the classroom to the boardroom, they must be able to empathize, persuade, and lead others if they want to successfully run projects that produce business transformation. This course was designed to help you learn these, and other, nontechnical skills that can help you convert your first data science job into a successful, lifelong career.

There are predictable challenges to be overcome when predictive models introduce change in organizations. Throughout this course, instructor Keith McCormick goes over these challenges and shows how to overcome them. Discover how to confidently defend your turf at work, enhance your own natural curiosity, deepen your commitment to your craft, effectively translate the language of analytics to the language of business, practice diplomacy, and more.

Took this course for free with CUNYUpskiling account. #CUNYUpskilling.

This course touches upon conceptuals and data science use cases in business.

My "Learning Machine Project" list can be found here >>> Showee's Learning Machine Project Certificates - Google Sheets. The list has information of all courses that I completed.

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