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Digital Marketing Project

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

My passion is digital marketing and data analysis. If you are a frequent reader of my blog here, you might have been reminded of it too many times by now. Thank you for your support. :)

By the way, therefore, I love doing projects for digital marketing classes.

In my Digital Marketing Strategy course in Spring 2020, my team developed a multi-channel digital marketing campaign that would help Zuru further expand its Mini Brands success and make Mini Brands one of the most sought-after products of the 2020 holiday season with young girls and boys.

As a Zuru’s ad agency that we act, we first named our group "Team Six Ad Co." and developed a digital marketing campaign that would appeal to young girls and boys. Although Mini Brands sales are doing well and are a hit with young girls, the company needed to increase its product awareness and sales with the young male market in order to grow its business and hit its financial goals. We also suggested other brands that should be considered for partnership opportunities to increase penetration of the male market.

What I enjoyed the most in this project was how each social network works. We created business account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok with our name Team Six Ad Co. Each of social promotes distinguished approaches and interactions that interested me to further analyze. Before this project, I only actively used Facebook and Instagram, and I merely had TikTok account just to browse the young "TikTok'ers" post creative videos dancing to the same songs. Through this project, I get more engaged, and I realized why TikTok is currently a thing - hugely. Video making process is made incredibly easy with its in-app functions and filters, and the recent quarantine order everywhere has drastically improved the quality of the users (from Gen-Z only to more diverse groups). Now we joined as a creator side. For example, this video only took me less than 1 hour to complete and as a beginner.

While we found it difficult to get quantifiable impressions on Instagram, TikTok's "For You" page helps video creators draw attention from all present users. Our TikTok videos had more than 600 average impressions in less than 1 hour while the same videos had just about 100 impressions on IG. This is apparently because the "Home" page on IG only shows the videos of the accounts you follow and your videos would not be on people's home timeline unless they initially follow your account.

You may think Facebook marketing is obsolete? In reality, it is actually not (at least at the point where we engaged in FB account around Apr. - May, 2020. If you post or tag proper posts or groups on your business page, the response rate becomes quite reasonable. Also as a new digital marketer and analyst, the Facebook analytics attribute is made suffice enough to observe the viewers behaviors. I also enjoyed interacting with the instant fans of our page.

I am uploading the presentation slides here and hope it makes sense to you when you consider laying out a digital campaign especially with social media platforms. :)

I also enjoyed creating graphics for this project using PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator. I intended to use images found on the internet with copyright revoked for remake,. but if you see anything that belongs to anyone, please claim.

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