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Motivational Monday ~ Learning Machine Project (6)

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

This is my second course of the day! Welcome to Motivational Monday!

Description: Easil is a free, user-friendly platform which allows you to create informative and eye catching designs to market your products, events, or services. Known for their “drag-and-drop” features, Easil gives you the ability to truly customize each of your ads to meet your marketing needs. Easil has a library of free templates available to use, which makes creating ads and marketing campaigns a breeze. With social media’s heavy influence and presence in today’s society, it is important to create a strong social media presence when advertising your company. This will help to ensure target market engagement and keep your customers up to date on your current sales, projects, and events. In this project, we will use Easil to create social media posts to help boost online presence and increase customer interaction. In addition, we will design a customer loyalty punch card which our customers can use to keep track of their purchases and rewards. This project will teach you about some of the many features of Easil while also giving you the freedom to explore your own creativity.

Credential: Coursera

I used CUNYUpSkilling privilege account to enroll in this course.

This is an introductory course for Easil users. You'll have basic knowledge of the marketing graphic design skills.


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