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Letter to My Future Self

Open letter to my future self (had to do this🥴😜🙈:

Hey Showee,

Assuming you're reading this because you bookmarked this post just like you do with other people's inspiring posts to look back, for the times you are in a challenging situation of some sort which you may be going through atm.

Just wanted to remind you, I had a major injury at the very last minute of 2021. Because of the Omarion going around, also due to holidays, I was not able to receive immediate and/or enough treatment until January 6 of the new year at the Woodhul ER. I was so in pain with this "avulsion fracture" in my ankle, couldn't walk, and had to survive by learning how to use crutches just to go to the kitchen to grab some food or to the bathroom. I was feeling down, mostly from the pain and by looking at my ankle turning purple and getting swollen to the level I have not seen. I was not even able to go out to celebrate a new year (as of yet). Wasn't fun at all.

But hey, I did not give up on learning new things because my project due is approaching and I promised myself to develop my technical skills to represent my analysis during the winter recess. Turned out unexpectedly toughy, yet I pushed through and completed 18 online courses in January alone -- most importantly, I finally made myself comfortable writing codes and creating visualizations than ever (and hopefully you still are, with more advanced skills and techniques). I even had to study with my leg on the computer desk to elevate my ankle in order to avoid more swelling. Damn it was tough.

You may be reading this to seek some inspirations while browsing people's successful repositories. I'm sure my accomplishments in this beginning of 2022 contributed to your inspiration collection as well. Girl, you aight, because if I can do it, so can you. Don't anticipate, just press on regardless (quote from Tommy-san. R.I.P.), be proud of who you are, and you'll get your sh!t done. I'm always rooting for you. Peace and hair grease.✌️

Your number one fan🤩,


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