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Plastic Bag Ban

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

NYC has decided to go plastic bag-free from March 1 (plastic bag ban effective). Agh, they say they gonna charge for plastic bags. I am kinda slobby with things like this, but I am also an economical (broke) grad student and I need a solution to avoid unnecessary spending.

Well, I live in NYC and almost every event I go to obligatorily give us reusable bags. Who would agree? lol

Today is March 3, and I need to get some grocery from the store after class today. So I looked into my closet and I coincidentally noticed something.

The school I want to try next (CUNY Graduate Center) and my alma mater (Medgar Evers College, CUNY) have coincidentally the same featured reusable bags!

Yes, they LOOk the same but what's so special about it? Let's see the instruction that came with it.

These are called "Little Berry Shopper." Hm. Why so?

And I followed the instruction. Which I'm usually not good at. haha. But I tried for (which felt) forever. But look how it turned out!

They sure do look like berries!!! Wow, I'm impressed. 8D

Actually, on my way to school, I had to remind myself how cute they were and took them out while riding on subway and here's the picture. Awww, cute.

Now I am so ready for eco-life, NYC! :D

*Btw, my favorite Halal stand (on 25th and Lex) still served in a plastic bag today with no extra charge. They my heros! And you know what, they serve the BEST CHICKEN OVER RICE in town, maybe in the whole world. If you're reading this, you should definitely try when you get a chance!

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