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Gift without a Box

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

As a prerequisite towards my marketing research project at my internship, I created a Wishlist on their website. The nonprofit (Changing the Present) offers you an opportunity to give back to the community of your interest when someone wants to give you a present on your birthday, anniversaries, etc. and the New York Times called it "an of the nonprofit world."

How it works?

Check out my Wishlist page and you may have a better idea. You can also create your own page from the link on my page too!

And yes, the header image was done by me of course. :D I tried to use Easil this time because I recently learned about the web application on Coursera (and of course I received the certificate! ;)) but unfortunately Easil didn't let me customize the canvas size. If you know how to change the image size on Easil, let me know. I used my old friend Canva again to create this image. I think it turned out okay except the hands are all right ones. haha

Ok, since we talked about my Coursera certificate, I'll have to flex it again. Here's my certificate from Marketing Design with Easil course. It's another two-hour course and Easil makes it easy to create marketing ad materials.

On a side note, Canva and Easil are both from Australia and I thought it was interesting, considering my friend once told me that there are murals everywhere in that country. Maybe they (I mean in a popularity manner) are naturally graphic artists? How cool.

Anyways, the rest of my summer seems to be busy again as usual. I am excited about the internship program and graduating with an MBA after all this!

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