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PSA: Upgrades

Hi Everyone!

While I keep this blog entry here for now, I am upgrading my profile page and portfolio, and they are being shifted onto other platforms. Consequently, the pages associated with this blog will be discontinued soon.

Please bookmark my new pages and meet you there!

Portfolio (profile):

Portfolio (projects):

My business collectives (freelancing promotion):

Oh, and my recent BIGGEST upgrade btw, is, now I am a master of science in Data Analysis and Visualization and finally done with academics!🎉👩‍🎓

In the last 6 years, I received 4 degrees (associate in Business, bachelor's in Financial Economics, MBA, and now MS) and it's more than I expected when I started my academic journey. So that's it! I'm so happily done! (....until I start my doctors when I'm 65 or something... maybe)

I'll post more contents soon. Will be more structured as well. Stay tuned!

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