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Testings for COVID

Even though one of my classmates I've known since last semester (Fall 2019) was a bio major and serving in a medical field and I ask him thousands of questions time to time, I am still not bright with what's happening currently in the world. Especially when I try to explain things to my family, it becomes obvious (that I'm dumb waste) but I am the only one that was admitted to grad school so I need to get my pride back.

The questions I have now is;

1. What are viruses and what makes them different from germs?

I am a germaphobic since forever; even before the COVID, I've always carried sanitizer and I never touch the restroom door when exiting (I normally use paper towels to open the door or if there is only the blow dryer, I use my leg to keep the door open and wash my hands again with the nearest faucet. Imagine someone does it every time). However --- someone told me it's not the germs that we are fighting against.

So what is it exactly? I know the viruses are caught in droplets and carried onto the next person possible. Which one is a spirit animal and which one is like red paint?

I know I have to do my research to be fully understood but I'm just leaving my genuine question right here.

2. What is antibody testing and what makes it different from diagnostic testing, including the procedure and accuracy?

Well, I might have found the answer in below link, but then again, I am totally missing the part why they could be a problem when everybody needs testing. Some talk about accuracy and are concerned about the occupancy of the medical facility because of that, and I understand that part. But like... isn't it also the best way to distinguish them from other medical conditions (such as flu, the early symptoms of heart disease, or even menopause which I found some common symptoms) when people are suffered from the pains without knowing what they have?

Again, I'm just leaving my questions here. Will update as I found the answers.

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