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Third Course Today! ~ Learning Machine Project (7)

This is my third course of the day! Great start of the week during summer break.

Description: By the end of this 1 hour-long guided project, you will create a flier for a networking event using graphic design best practices. This course will walk you through the basics of working on a graphic design project. It begins with determining the approach for the project including understanding your audience. From there we will move onto typography where we will select the most appropriate typeface. We will also discuss using imagery such as photos and clip art. Next, we will explore some basics of color theory and select some colors for the flier. From here, we will discuss page layout and we will leverage the Grid concept to align the components of the flier into the final product. Lastly, we will publish the project.

Credential: Coursera

I used CUNYUpSkilling privilege account to enroll in this course.

This is an introductory course for Google Slides users. You'll have basic knowledge of the graphic skills using presentation slides.

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