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Tribute Art Week

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

I have been learning PhotoShop and Illustrator by myself since I took a fundamental Computer Graphics class in undergrad. I had been using a free CS2 version until last year but in order to create files more accessible from multiple workplaces, I finally started Adobe Suite subscription. Yes, I do feel defeated by Adobe's marketing strategy.

Before I get a chance to become a PhotoShop guru as I expected myself, I was introduced to the graphic designing platform called Canva ( ) at my internship. Gosh, where have you been all my life??? Even though Canva does not always do the work that I want, for example, the color conversion in the existing image etc., it's pretty convenient and I started creating logos and banners for basically nothing to sometimes just kill my time. I sometimes apply the techniques I find on Canva back onto the PhotoShop and Illustrator as well and I can call it my new hobby, kind of.

Today, as it's a new semester, we formed a project group in one of the classes and created a WhatsApp chat group. As you know, the group chat windows need an image to represent the group. Well, not necessarily though, here I am on Canva trying to create a graphic for the team without having no one that asked me. Like one of those memes it goes;



I guess I was too preoccupied with the tragic event on Sunday but I kinda like how it came out. ;) I really can't do anything about what happened but at least this is my way of tribute to those now angels, using this opportunity, of whatever it could be. Thanks to the Team 6 of MKT 9785 class this time! ;P For either not asking nor stopping me. haha

By the way I am a Brooklyn Nets fan all the way. And the Nets home arena reserves the courtside seats for them like this. These are the seats they were in when the video of Kobe and Gigi went viral recently. I love what they do. :)

But geez, I still can't get over it.... Hoop in Heaven, both....

[2/3/20] We formed another group for a different class today and again, I created the logo for the team and made it a profile pic of the group chat. No one noticed as of yet. lol

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