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Website At Risk

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

It's been stone cold two weeks. Kobe and Gigi were laid to rest yesterday. I still can't get over the tragedy of Jan. 26, 2020 that killed passengers with every prospectives. I would still be in tears literally for hours every time I open IG because I'd be swiping to explore pictures of Kobe and Gigi with smiles before I find other pictures. I try not to get on IG so much right now, to be honest.

I regret I learned about Kobe's contribution to the young generation community more after his death. The more I know, the more I admire his work other than him being the basketball legend. I knew Kobe was teaching his kids basketball with Mamba Mentality, which turned out I had to find his sports facility called Mamba Sports Academy where Gigi and other girls were training to become a WNBA player (or whatever they aspire to be). I vaguely knew through the internet that Kobe wrote a book, but didn't know about Granity Studios where he made his ideas published in the middle graders' books. Damn man, that guy was just so incredibly present and dedicated. We didn't deserve that guy.

Granted, I started to "think Mamba Mentality" and how I can contribute to take on his legacy. So I made plans soon after the incident while my tears were blocking my sight.

1. I promised myself to donate to the Mamba Sports Academy when I get my MBA as I share the same point of view for the youth so that they can reach their highest potential. I don't have kids of my own while most of my "mom" friends at my age have teenage kids and it has always been my dream to do something to support kids personally. I can do some lil' some'n little by little, right?

2. I purchased those Granity Studios books to peek into what the legend has created, knowing they were written for middle-grade kids. I wouldn't just want to make myself the only one to appreciate, so I asked my friend how old her daughter was one more time (I only met her once like in 4 years ago so I had to check. You know kids grow so fast!!) and found out she was ten - also loves to read especially fantasy books. Perfect! I would give her the books as soon as I finish reading. They should be delivered by sometime in March (initially the wait time was about 10 days but I guess I missed the printing batch while I was checking my friend's daughter age) - I just can't wait to receive them. :)

3. Amongst of all, whom that need immediate support are the families of the victims in the tragedy. I can't do much but I can still donate my lunch money so they can live on with their legacies. Now, every website directs to for the foundation but since early stage in January, I keep getting this;;;;

I first thought it was the traffic that's causing this error but even as of today, I get this. I also tried with "www." after http:// but same. So I am still hesitating to click "Accept the Risk" because this is the computer that I use for my research, data and everything, and I would not risk my computer to harm. I actually left a comment on their FB page as well but unfortunately no response yet.... Does anyone encounter the same issue here?? Is it safe to click???

Sooo, I have been feeling a little stressful and overwhelmed because of this the last couple of weeks. haha. Please contact me if you know how to donate for the family foundation!

(Btw, I still can't say "Rest in Peace" to Kobe and Gigi because Resting is not the word for them... I would wish they "Hoop in Heaven" up there. Sorry.)

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