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Your Type II Error

I often refer myself as "YOUR Type II Error." If you are not familiar with statistics and what the hell it means, imagine your belly is getting bigger and you are suffered from morning sickness, have mad cravings for cheese or lemons or even have appetite for soaps for some reason, no period the last few months, and and they have to determine whether you are pregnant or not.

People make wrong assumptions towards the expected outcomes and those errors have names. Even if you have a little life in your belly, they could still say "you're not pregnant" and that's a type 2 error.

(And as the picture shows, people would often say "Oh, I found a rare gem" but it's wrong all the way, that's a type 1 error.)

In statistics, that (the right of wrong assumption/prediction) happens when the outcome is outside a 95% cut off point. Today I took a skill assessment test on R coding, and my result returned like this.

You see what I'm getting at? Yeah, I'm outside the 95% threshold of which you didn't expect. You might have assumed I'm not all that, and thus failed to reject null hypothesis (and thought my skills are super mediocre or relatively lower) but that case, you were wrong -- as wrong as I was about myself.😂😂 I was incredibly beyond "our" expectation, and as my skill assessment proved -- that our prediction made a type 2 error.

Anyways, I'm happy with the result, all the hard work is being paid off it seems, as my skills are becoming measurable. Hopefully it'll get more broadly recognizable as I publish more data materials.

Stay tuned! Cheers!

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