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My Projects &

Selected Works

Here is the list of my projects that I enjoyed working on, and I believe the skills I developed in these projects will also advance my future projects with you to lead the world!


Learning Machine Project

During COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I decide to learn new skills at home and review my pre-loaded skillsets using COVID relief student privilege accounts provided by CUNY, and other skill building sites. I then made it my life-time project (Learning Machine Project) and started collecting certificates through the skill trainings everywhere. The official credentials and course details are listed here.


Data Visualization 

Created Tableau visualization dashboards and stories for CIS9557 [Business Analytics] and DATA73000 [Introduction to Data Visualization] using various Tableau tools to analyze conceptual lab topics and my research interests.  Attended 2020 Tableau Conference and expanded my network in the data visualizations field.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Promoted an existing product, Mini Brands! and developed a new segment of boys between 6 and 12 years of age for holidays 2020 for MKT9785 [Digital Marketing Strategy].  Analyzed current consumer personas and sought accessible method for the target segment using social media platforms i.e. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.  Organic search reached 20 visits on average and max. of 600 post views in 2 hours during a 2-week campaign.


Digital Presence Assessment

Built a website ( *site closed) on Shopify to make sales of wireless/wearable devices (i.e. fitbits, drones) and generated data to develop traffic tactics for MKT9780 [Digital Marketing] project.  Created banners and promoted the site on multiple channels incorporating Google Adsense (approved in 2 days) and Google Analytics (GA). Analyzed traffic drivers on both Shopify Session Overview and GA to optimize strategies on our target audience segments.   


Arts Administration and Business Presentation

Joined APAP (Association of Performing Arts Professionals) conference 2019 for FPA9155 [Touring and Presenting of Arts Organizations] class project.  Created a mock season for a performer found at the showcase, designing marketing plan and building budget for the venue. Created FaceBook page to continuously support artists.  Established professional interview series.


Communications Director at Baruch Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) 

Formed a team of 5 members and launched a monthly newsletter using InDesign/PhotoShop/Illustrator.  Built a website to demonstrate GSA activities on WordPress.  Renewed and maintained Twitter account.

*I had never had prior experience with Adobe CC, but made it happen in a mere 30 days!


"Shokolatte is passionate about her education and

a very hard worker. She makes collaboration an ease and adjusts to new environments very quickly." - Bonnie Q Harris, M.A.

"Shoko has been an indispensable part of the Graduate Student Assembly since she joined our team

a year ago. Internally, she created

a structure for sharing organizational and financial documents. Externally, she recruited a team of dedicated grad students to help her build our first independent website, a monthly student newspaper with updates on student life, and documented social

events. She did this all despite the many bureaucratic obstacles that come with working at a public college, which only proves her resilience to accomplish any goal

she has set for herself. Through her hard work, we were able to create

a greater sense of community among graduate students." - Maria Markowicz, Vice President of GSA 2018-2020

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