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Corona or Heineken

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

I would always choose Heineken over Cerveza Corona. No questions asked. Cheers.

I am only sad for those human beings who don't have no choice but use it to express hate against specific ethnic groups. I am unapologetically Asian, and I heard someone who looks like me was called "Corona" on the street. Mf's listen, viruses don't choose a race. We're not "Corona" just because we're Asian but you are nevertheless "Corona" when you catch it no matter what your racial profile that may protect you in your small community is.

Meanwhile, the pandemic of the coronavirus in the geographic may seriously affect the production market.

....was my initial perception.

But wait.


The world is seeing China more as a consumption marketplace than concerning the possible outcomes of the decrease in the production of goods.

Mind blown. Am I the one that was being biased in this regard??? lol At least I learned something new today.... again. :)

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